ROCKLEDGE, FL (October 18, 2012) – Wuesthoff Medical Center is privileged to announce that General Surgeon H. Drexel Dobson lll, MD has completed two Total Abdominal Proctocolectomy with Ileo-Pouch Anal Anasmatosis procedures with the da Vinci® Si™ Surgical System.

This is a defining procedure of an advanced colon and rectal/GI surgeon. Most colorectal surgeons in the community do not perform this particular procedure, and it is usually only available at university/academic centers. This is done primarily for ulcerative colitis, a chronic inflammatory/debilitating disease of the colon, and for a type of familial syndrome of colon polyps (FAP) or occasionally in hereditary non-polyp colon cancer (HNPCC).

“These procedures are usually done open, and only in some areas done laparoscopically,” said Dr. Dobson. “This is certainly a first in many ways for Brevard County, and quite possibly Florida.”