Need your gallbladder taken out?

Has this person really had her gallbladder out??? YES!

The majority of all surgeons make the following incisions on the left.  Sometimes, more incisions are made.

Or worse, sometimes your surgeon just can’t do things laparascopically and a larger incision must be made, leaving a very large scar, as pictured above.

Here, below, are Dr. Dobson’s incisions for elective gallbladder removal.  This incision is also commonly used now for appendicitis in selected patients, as well as in an laparascopic Nissen fundoplication, an antireflux procedure for Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease, or GERD!

Which incision would you rather have??

If you would like the smallest scar possible, please make an appointment to visit our office, or request that you be seen by Dr. Dobson in the Emergency Room, at Wuesthoff Hospital in Rockledge.